What to wear to work in the festive seasons

Its December and it is officially the festive season, and  you are preparing for the holidays and spending time with your family and loved ones. But you are still going to work because you are either not taking any leave this time or your  leave request has not been approved yet so your not sure if you will be setting that “out of office” note in your emails or not. 

For this reason, what do you wear to work to keep up with the season and not feel bad about going to work on the holiday season. How do you pick and decide on what to wear in the festive season. How do you celebrate the season with your style to work? Are there specific colors that you wear? Any specific patterns, cuttings, outfit designs? If you answered yes, to any of these questions then yeah!, You and I fall into the same category and if your answer was no, Well, don’t feel left out darling, I got you and here are a few tips..

1. Wear something of the festive colors. What are festive colors? Which colors are they? You must be asking yourself. Festive colors are the colors of Christmas; Pink, Red, Green, Gold, White, charcoal, Brown, Blue and all other primary colors. These are the colors that you can wear during the holiday season to keep up with the season’s vibes. 

2. Wear interesting shoes. They don’t necessarily have to be high heels, your shoes can be flats, midis, kitten heels. Whether you choose  pop of color of just monochrome, make sure you keep your shoes interesting to make your outfit. 

3. Try wearing patterns. A good pattern also has the benefit of being figure flattering and can work as good as a monochrome color. Certain patterns can also be slimming like stripes for instance, also, polka dots. 

4. Bold accessories. Metallic accessories are a great idea, they can easily be incorporated into just any outfit. Accessories, generally can change your whole outfit and even mood without trying so hard. Statement pieces are a great investment and can have a big effect on your whole outfit. 

If you work in an environment where you only wear black and white or certain specific colors, don’t let that be a limitation. Look out for options to add versatility and varieties to your outfit like different cuts, textures and also style. This is also the season where you can explore new styles that you have liked through out the year but been hesitant. 

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