How to wear your favorite leopard print

Hello babes,

Recently, animal prints have been having their moment and showing up in both expected and unexpected places, also in new and different silhouettes.

We have seen leopard prints, snake prints, zebra and so many others in different colors and designs, both in form of clothing and accessories.

I’m sharing with you today, inspirations on how you can wear your favorite leopard prints.

Pair your animal print shirt /top/ blouse with items of the same color scheme. It can be white, black, brown, camel, soft shades of yellow or orange.

• You can also wear your animal print item with stripes or polka dots or both. It is actually safe to pair these prints together and they are the prints that work so well together.

1. Leopard print with stripes

2. Leopard print with stripes and polka dots

They say, ” a leopard doest change its spots nor lose it’s station in fashion.” Be wild and be free babes. Wear your animal print pieces and slay the streets.

Thanks for stopping by,

Azure ❤️

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