How to wear black and white to work and look chic

It’s always very frustrating and not quite exciting when you have to wear black and white to work as your daily uniform. It actually restricts your fashion freedom because you now cannot wear all the other colors except black and white.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should only wear plain white tops (in most cases we wear shirts) with black bottoms. Allow yourself to incorporate prints, patterns and different shades of the respective colors because that’s where your fashion freedom is now…

Wearing a plain white shirt and black pants or skirt is nice but it can be very boring if the same is worn everyday and in some instances you’ll end up being mistaken for a waitress or customer service provider when you visit certain places after your work hours.

What prints and patterns to wear in place for plain white tops?

You must be asking yourself the above question, what should you now wear..

In my case when I used to work for an office where we could only wear black or black and white, you would never catch me wearing a plain white shirt with black bottoms. My tops always had patters or prints, but again not all of them are work appropriate. So here below are the kinds you can incorporate;

1.Stripes. Stripped shirts are my favorite kinds. You can have a number of then in different sizes. The bigger stripes, medium stripes and smaller. Reason being to avoid looking like it’s the same item you’re wearing everyday lol!

2.Gingham. This is another kind of pattern you can incorporate in your wardrobe that’d fit your office attire. Again you can collect the small ginghams and bigger ginghams just to have a variety of them.

3.Polka dots. This is another one of my favorites. Also you can have the smaller ones and bigger polka dots. And here you can actually have them in different shades, white with black polkas or black with white polkas either of them they’re fit for your corporate look.

4.Floral print. This might not work for everybody, there’re offices where you cannot wear floral prints because they don’t want you attracting bees with your flowers lol! But if you’re lucky enough to work where you can can wear floral prints then do not hesitate to incorporate the print in you wardrobe. And you can collect as many of them as you can.

5.Mixed patterns. This is another one you can wear. It may not necessarily be different prints put together in one item, it could also be just plain colors together like the blazer I’m wearing. It’s also a perfect way to wear your black and white to work.

I hope this helps you boost your confidence to wear your blacks and whites to work.

I’m sending you positive vibes and blessings this whole week,have a lovely one.

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Azure ❤️.

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