How to create a monochrome look

Monochromatic looks are the easiest to create, they are effortless and work perfectly all the time but they can be so tricky.

Today I’m sharing with you tips on how to style your corporate monochrome looks.

1. Pick one color that compliments your skin and you’re very comfortable with.

2. Keep it clean. Avoid many details and fussy. Let the details remain on the silhouette.

3. Balance. Find balance, play with proportions and different shades of the color.

4. Texture. Pick the textures and patterns that go with the color.

I’m wearing different shades of blue for inspiration. And I balanced the whole look with white heels with slight shades of blue to compliment my whole outfit.

Enjoy the beautiful pictures below for your inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by,

Azure ❤️.

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