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Happy women’s month to you all gorgeous ladies. I hope you’re all well, it’s been a while since I was last here. I was just caught in this thing called life and all things adulting…

But I’m back, and today I want to share with you my fashion confession. You know there’s this tendency where we just decide “NEVER” on certain fashion items simply because….but we never really have a good reason for that.

So I have a few fashion items that I said NEVER to, that I would never wear such no matter what. Then boom! fast forward today, they are my favorite items in my closet, actually my daily go to whenever I know I’ll be having a long busy day.

I must admit I have never thought mid heels or kitten heels would one day be my favorite kind of heels, I swear never! Because I never really liked these kind of heels so I would either be wearing flats or high heels (10cm or 12cm), there was no in between. But over the time I’ve come learn “when it comes to fashion, never say NEVER..”

Here’s a little inspiration and more details about my new favorite kind of heels.


Mostly referred to as chunky or granny heel. The chunky shoe might need some time adjusting to but believe me it is yours to slay. This style has only recently started to kick up a storm and its making a major come back. This 1960’s style influence is becoming a hit again today. 

These heels offer a stylish and sensible way to step up your style. They may be the last thing you’d imagine to see yourself wearing but designers, models and fashionistas are embracing this retro shoe style.

For someone who prefers to wear a heel on a daily basis but doesn’t like the discomfort of a pump, this solid and stable retro-style shoe is for you to slay.

Did this ever occur to you as well? What are the fashion items that you said you’d never wear and they are your absolute favs right now? Let’s chat on the comments section.

Thanks for stopping by,

Azure ❤️.

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    Nteyera IVY

    Hey kange, I’m new to your page And I want to say your work is amazing. Happy to have landed on it.

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      Hello Ivy, thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you enjoy everything here, xoxo!

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