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Zuwena Kange

Hello, welcome to my self titled blog.
I am Zuwena Kange, Azure is my other name mostly used by my family and close friends.
My love and interest for fashion and style is the reason I started this blog, to share with the you my style and that part of myself.
What I love about style is how it can speak so intensely in defining one as a person but also how beauty sometimes lies in the details; the colors and accessories that one chooses to wear, all give an overall style that’s unique and different. 
My biggest aim is to help you be able to identify and define their own style. And if I can achieve a single person then I know I have succeeded.
I would love to assist anyone of you, if you ever need help with personal styling, personal shopping, wardrobe maintenance or and analysis.
Just drop an email through,
Lots of love,