A ramadhan look book

Hello babes, Assalaam Aleykum!

As we are approaching the end of the first ten days of this holy month of Ramadan. May all our swaum, all of our dua’s be accepted and may Allah shower his blessings upon us.

Today I’m sharing with you babes a collection of different outfits that you could wear during this holy month to different places, i.e to work, to iftar with friends and family, running errands etcetera.

I’ve always been the type to repurpose my outfits during the holy month and not going out to shop for completely new pieces. So here I am sharing different inspirations with you and see how I styled the same pieces I’ve worn before, different ways for ramadan.

1. The blazer dress worn as a long blazer with wide leg pants for a modesty look.

2. An animal print maxi dress. I styled this dress last year with a black jersey hijab and a gucci belt, I’m restyling it today with an orange silk hijab and a wrap around black belt.

3. Mommy jeans and a long sleeves crispy white shirt. Mom jeans are the best kind of jeans to wear during this season if you wish to step out in jeans. They are not tight as skinny jeans thus portraying modesty.

4. An abaya. This is a wardrobe staple in this holy season. Every girl needs at least one abaya in her wardrobe. An abaya is an islamic girl’s little black dress. It completes every hijabi’s wardrobe. It’s a must have.

Thanks for stopping by,

Ramadhan Maqbul!

Azure ❤️.

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