A little black dress

One of the major timeless wardrobe staples and a must have regardless of your personal style, size, status or lifestyle is A LITTLE BLACK DRESS. This is a MUST have piece in every girls’ wardrobe.

It is what you wear when you have nothing to wear. It is what you wear when you are in doubt and unsure of what to wear. It is what you wear when you don’t want to stress about what to wear. A little black dress is what you wear when you’re asked not to put effort in what you wear.

It is every girls’ number one go to item in a wardrobe. It is that one piece that will never disappoint you however you style it.

I’ve had a few little black dresses and currently this one is my favorite. I’m in love with the details in the buttons, the cut and above the fit. The way it hugs and shows off my dangerous curves ohh my! I got it from my seamstress SiaPretie (@siapretie on Instagram).

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Azure ❤️.

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