A Feminist slogan Tee

“A real woman is whoever she wants to be.” , This was one of the slogans for Women’s day 2019. And it is actually one that really caught me.

Honestly, there is so much pressure on girls/women in the world today. Girls are expected to live in a certain way that is deemed acceptable to the society. Mainly how to dress, what career paths to take and whatever decision and directions they decide to take in their lives.

This slogan was put up to support girls/ women in whatever directions they decide to take in their lives and live in the best way they know how as long as they’re happy.

Outfit details:

Slogan Tshirt – koodawa, Skirt – SiaPretie

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    Michelle Wangui

    I really love this post ! tHE look is amazing …

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      thank you so much Michelle, xoxo!

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