4 things I’ll be wearing the most this summer

Summer is here and it’s up-to us to serve hot summer girl vibes all season. There are various pieces trending this season and nothing screams summer like strapped sandals (both heels and flats), little white dresses, slit skirts and dresses, camis, crops, off shoulders, maxi dresses and many more.

This summer 2019, we’ve also seen a few trendy pieces like neons, organzas, biker shorts paired with blazers, denim skirts making a major come back, flared cropped denim pants and satin slip dresses.

Biker shorts are one of the trendy pieces that didn’t make it to my list, because they don’t reflect my personal style but nonetheless, I enjoy seeing ladies wear them and I must admit they look amazing in them. Among some pieces that you’ll probably see me wear the most this summer are;

1. Strapped heels, both flats and heels. These are not really my most favorite kind of shoes because I don’t have the cutest feet but they’re always my go to shoes during summer. I think they fit the season perfectly than pumps.

2. Slit skirts/ dresses. Because it’s summer, a girl gotta rock a lot of slits serving leg and a little thigh here and there while keeping up with the heat in Dar.

3. Camis. You might probably see me wear more cami cropped tops than tanks. I’ll be paring them down with almost everything from denims, skirts to wearing them underneath the suits to work.

4. Lastly, the trendiest bags this season, mini bags. The tiny bags that nothing else fits in except coins, chewing gum and maybe a little patience, if you’ve got any. Lol! These have happened to be my favorite kind if bags lately and I find myself drowned to almost every kind I see out there.

Above all, I’ll be wearing my sunscreen all day and reapplying every three hours to protect the melanin from the sun because sunscreen is skincare and skincare is self care.

Thanks for stopping by,

Azure ❤️.

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