3 Fun facts about a blazer and how to style your favorite types

Hello babes,

Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret and share with you a few facts about one piece that we all have in our wardrobes. If you don’t have this item in your closet, sis you need to run for your life. This item is a blazer. You probably have had this item in your closet for years but didn’t know of the few facts of it. So let’s get into it;

1. A blazer makes you look well put together. A sharp blazer will make even the simplest and most casual outfit look well put up. When in doubt always stick to dark colors for easier styling and more versatile options.

2. Pairing an outfit with a blazer makes the whole outfit look cool and fashion forward either as a separate or as a suit. All you need is to employ a few tricks and you’re good to go.

3. Lastly, this is hilarious but wearing a blazer can transform your day and inflict good vibes and attitude. It also makes you look like you have your whole life figured out and you know exactly what you’re doing, lol!

With these few fun facts about blazers I hope you are inspired to wear a blazer at least once a week to boost your self esteem, bring out good vibes and look like a bag of money even when your world is crushing and just gotta wing it..

I’ll leave you with a few blazer designs or types for you to try and employ some key tricks to look more stylish and fashion forward.

• The oversized blazer. It can be a female blazer or something pulled out from the men’s section. Style it with a simple pair of jeans, tank top and chunky heels or sneakers for a look that can be worn everywhere, from the office to a dinner date to a night at the club with your girlies.

• A suit blazer. When the blazer is not a separate but part of a suit, maybe a skirt suit or pants suit. Pair the blazer with a simple graphic or slogan Tee to obtain a smart casual look and not look very serious.

• Blazer dress. Wear a blazer dress or an oversized over the knee blazer with some cool daddy sneakers for a fresh, dynamic and funky look with a cool girl’s touch.

Now that you know some blazer fun facts and have some style tips to style your favorite kinds of blazers. Enjoy the pictures below for more inspiration. I’m wearing an oversized blazer which I paired down with wide leg pants and a tank for a more well put together office look.

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Azure ❤️.

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