Hello babes, I wish you all a happy new month with abundant blessings, happiness and good health.

As we are now into the second half of the year. Let’s take a moment to reflect about the first half of the year, how it has been in terms of fashion and style and how we were able to keep up with all the trends. Which trends we were able to pull off, let them pass,which ones we still hold on to and which ones we let go…

In the beginning of the year, among trends that were mentioned to take over this whole year are; neon colors, sequins, mini bags, flared pants, cropped denim pants, voluminous sleeves, organza tops, animal prints and shoes with geometric or asymmetric heels and many others.

We have so far witnessed the neon colors trend, the sequins in different forms, animal prints especially the snake print in different shades and mini bags. As we heading into summer we’ve slowly started seeing flared pants, cropped denim pants making a come back giving us all the vintage vibes we need for summer. Also the geometric heels serving all kinds of drama in the streets.

I have so far managed to pull of the animal prints, mini bag and sequins. I let the biker shorts trend pass me because, I couldn’t bring myself to wear that in anyway. I’m yet to pull of sequins in day time, rock flared pants, cropped denim pants with a big ‘fro and look like my mom in the 70s. Also, the organzas and geometric heels. These are the trends I look forward to wear most in this third quarter of 2019. I’ll be sharing updates on each trend as we go on and the challenges that come with wearing these trends.

We still hold on to all these trends, we are not letting go of any just yet. And I can see them going as far as the end of the year and even making their way into 2020 especially ones of the mini bags, flared and cropped pants and geometric heels.

How’s your first half been so far? What trends were you able to pull off? Which ones did you let them pass and what trends you’re looking forward to wear in this second half of the year. Let’s talk about it, share your reviews in the comment section.

Shoes image from @cultgaia, Bag image from @accessories_tz

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