2 ways to style a kitenge skirt

There is no worse thing than spending your hard earned money to purchase an item and find that you can only wear it once or you only have one place to wear that item to because you are unsure of how else to style the item up.

In most cases you don’t get the most out of the item and you are constantly buying more that don’t serve a multi purpose in your wardrobe and you end up having a whole collection of similar items all worn just once with no ideas of where or how else to wear it. So as a result, I am going to share with you how to make your wardrobe stretch and how you can make 1 piece of clothing suitable for all situations in your life whether that be work, date night , soiree or shopping in the day with your girls. I have got you covered. 
I styled up this kitenge wrap over pencil skirt from
@bnbappareltz (on instagram) for 2 occasions.

Look one, let’s call it ” Chic work life”, the best way to pair up a kitenge skirt of any color or prints to fit your work life is by pairing it with a white long sleeved shirt or blouse/ top.

You might ask yourself, why white of all colors? why not black. Well we pick white because it brings cleanliness and makes you look neat, smart, chic and ready to take on whatever your work throws unto you on that particular day. Also, a white shirt or blouse neutralizes all the colors if the print is colorful and makes it perfect for a 9-5.

Look 2, let’s call it “colorful date or soiree ready”, sometimes all we need in an outfit is a slight pop of color especially when going out on date with your girlies or to a soiree. I paired the skirt up with a deep orange satin top tailored by one of my besties, (yeah! girls supporting girls) to obtain a perfect pop of color I needed for this look. I picked Orange because it was the most popping color and I figured the colors are too warm for my colorful theme. Also, considering it’s summer, we need more pop of colors for the season and all parties out there.

Which look is your favorite? look 1 or 2. How would you pair your own kitenge skirt? share your views in the comment section, let us see your opinion.

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